iOS App Development Services

iOS apps live in a limited number of screen sizes and resolutions, hence, ensuring their responsiveness across various devices is an effortless task and thus, these applications are swiftly made and remain consistently responsive across all devices.

E2logy is a predominant name among the top app development companies, which develops high-quality mobile applications for iPhone devices, iPods, iPads and Apple Watch devices. Our application development team makes sure to follow the best practices and all the guidelines of Apple while developing apps so that those applications get featured in the App Store for better visibility.

Service Offerings For Various Business Sectors:
  • iOS app development
  • iOS app design
  • iOS game development
  • Enterprise iOS applications
  • UX/UI design of apps
  • iOS m-commerce apps
  • iOS social media applications
  • App store deployment
  • Testing of the applications
  • Apps maintenance and back-end support

The Worthiness of iOS Apps

Though the initial investment for developing these apps is a bit more than that on Android, there are ways in which these applications prove superior in many places and circumstances.

Since the process of iPhone app’s submission and approval is thorough (for making sure that iPhone apps with bugs and errors stay out of the Apple Store), you wouldn’t have to worry about your application being prone to any potential bugs and errors. This is why iPhone applications are known for their high performance and secure functionalities.

The application permission information in iOS is in an easy-to-understand and comprehensible language, and it also offers customizable application permission settings to your users, which makes them user-friendly.

There are a limited number and types of iPhone devices (around 20). So, in order for the apps to be responsive across all iPhone devices, not much effort is required as there are fewer screen sizes and resolutions to cater to. And hence, the iPhone application development process is quick and easy.

iOS device users (especially iPhone ones) take apps seriously. They recognize valuable applications and are also willing to pay for them. Via your application, you can draw money from your users right off the bat, without having to rely more on other revenue models.

On these apps, the return on investment (ROI) is quite good. This would make these apps all the more worthy from the point of view of your business.

iOS App Development Process Typically Looks Like This:

The development process starts with requirement gathering where the iOS application idea is thoroughly evaluated and refined, based on which the requirements are finalized.

Next comes wireframing, in which the developers draw a rough outline of functions and the complete user interface is designed. Mac OS becomes essential for the complete app development process here.

After the visual design is created, the application gets into the development phase where the developers write codes through the iOS kit. Here, the micro interactions (clicks, swipe motions, etc.) are also designed.

After the application gets developed, it gets into the testing phase where the developers test its interface across different devices to find out whether it is working perfectly across all devices and browsers.

Finally, the developers launch the application in the Apple App Store and updates are pushed at regular intervals.

Some of The Best Practices of iOS App Development Include:

Proficient developers set up the coding style keeping in mind the standards, rules, and guidelines of Apple App Store. Further, they model out the application design before coding.

Setting up proper development and distribution certificates.

Understanding your company’s target audience’s demographics and geography well before developing the application results in the development of a more relevant application which appeals to that target niche.

For a complex project, it is not wise to rely solely on Swift programming language. Rather, you should go with Objective-C or a mixture of the best out of both these languages.

Adopting optimal architectural design for the apps.

Making use of a significant number of libraries and frameworks since they can later be used to solve a number of issues.

Though it is a closed-source platform, there are a number of open-source projects on this platform that are used by competent companies for building an app.

Highly skilled developers make sure to use effective app monetization models in the right balance according to the genre of the application and the target niche of the concerned company.

Our company drives perfection by incorporating the best possible practices and using the latest tools and technologies while developing iOS applications and delivering a number of other services. Being a trusted partner of big tech giants like Amazon and Paypal, among others, our company provides multiple services under the umbrella of mobile & web development services, as well as cloud services.

Many companies today suffer from FOMO (fear of missing out) when the services or products that they offer do not enjoy a digital presence. If your company does not want to miss out on the abundant opportunities and rewards that the digital world could offer, then it surely needs to have its own iPhone apps or apps for a number of other devices, such as iPads, iPods, or Apple Watch devices, among others. When you choose our company for any of our services, you choose a team of seasoned and expert developers, designers, and digital strategists who deliver clean and user-friendly services.