Android app Development Services

Android apps live in multiple devices of different screens and sizes, including smartphones and tablets. Therefore, the quality of an app should remain consistent across all devices and platforms. Our company develops high-performance mobile applications for various Android platforms that are compatible across multiple devices.

Our team consists of skilled designers, developers and strategists, who stay updated with the latest knowledge of this OS’s releases and features. Their role doesn’t end after delivering the applications, they provide continuous maintenance for the apps and ensure to release regular upgrades for them.

For various business sectors (including healthcare, finance, gaming, entertainment, news, security, e-commerce, travel, lifestyle, mobile portals, etc), we offer services of apps design & development, m-commerce apps, enterprise apps, social media apps, support, and QA for Android OS.

Why Android Applications Are Worth?

You can consider getting an Android application developed for your company if you want to reach a broader audience on the global level.

Android application development is a cost-effective solution, where investment is low and earnings are huge.

Since they have superb support for graphical design, these applications can be built with rich multimedia elements that help make them look exciting.

They offer easy accessibility and easy-to-adopt features to users, which makes them simple to run and manage.

This OS is an open source platform. Thus, it empowers developers to have access to the structure of the market and also make use of the smart features attached to its platform. With this, the developers can easily develop as well as modify the applications as per your requirements.

Moreover, developers as well as users, both can easily evaluate business applications in order to improve them on a regular basis.

Also, there are less chances of bugs in these applications. Your worries of your app going down will considerably reduce.

An important point which makes these applications worthy is that this OS supports all types of inter-apps integration, which implies that these apps make it possible to bring resources from one app to another quite smoothly.

Why Our Clients Prefer us as Their Android app Development Partner?

Our company has an experience of 12+ years.

Our team consists of expert and highly creative developers and designers.

Deadlines are surely the greatest inspiration and this is what our developers believe in. We are very strict about deadlines and believe in delivering projects well on time.

We follow a procedure keeping in mind the intended audience of our clients. For this, we make sure to put relevant features and elements in the apps to let the intended users smoothly interact with the app in their preferred ways. This helps our clients connect better with their niche target.

Our team stays updated with the latest technology, features and versions of this OS. We never let their applications go down or look outdated by regularly updating them with new features and functionalities.

We are an ISO certified company.

Our company keeps its clients’ data with high security and confidentiality.

Android app Development Process

The Android application development process which roughly every web development company follows, starts with gathering the requirements and analyzing them, after which an expert market research is conducted.

The next step involves preparing the project plan where resources, deadlines, milestones and actions are defined. And also, a visual design is created with the help of wireframes. The user interface and the functionality of the application are designed as well.

Further, the app gets into the development phase where the progress of the development is constantly monitored. Also at this step, the developers implement and integrate the application.

After that, testing of the app is done in terms of it UI, UX, UAT, etc.

Finally, the application gets launched and developers continuously maintain it with regular upgrades.

Some of the Best Practices of Android app Development Which Every Competent Company Follows Include:
  • Using the recommended architecture of this OS
  • Maintaining the quality of codes in each part of your app
  • Running unit tests on the Java virtual machine
  • Including functional UI tests to test the app’s functionality and check how it is interacting with other apps.
  • Using debugging tools to view databases
  • Creating separate layouts for user interface elements that will be re-used. By doing this, the elements of your app that are common across multiple layouts can be extracted, managed and included in each layout.
  • Using shapes and selectors instead of images as much as possible in order to reduce APK size.
  • Understanding bitmaps, to make sure that content is presented optimally, without affecting the app’s performance.
  • Using strings.xml to support new languages whenever they need to be added.
  • Understanding bitmaps, to make sure that content is presented optimally, without affecting the app’s performance.

Our company makes sure to use all these best practices and more to ensure that mobile apps with the best possible functionalities and user interface are delivered in order to give users a positive experience on using them.